Learn to cook food your whole family will enjoy, even those you thought impossible to feed

There will be no cooking classes running during 2016 due to family commitments.
We apologize!

Kersten runs cooking classes each school term on various topics.

Some of the topics include:

Grain Free Cooking
Thermomix for Failsafers
Failsafe to Healing
Gluten free bread making
Christmas Baking

Classes coming up:

Failsafe to Healing, July 2015
Grainfree Meals, August 2015

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If you have a group of friends who would like to have a class together, Kersten may be able to come to you. Please email to discuss the details...

Past Classes:

Failsafe to Healing, May 2015
Grainfree Meals, May 2015
Failsafe to Healing, June 2015
Grainfree Meals, June 2015
Failsafe to Healing, November 2014
Grainfree baking for birthdays and celebrations using the Thermomix, October 2014
Failsafe Christmas using the Thermomix, October 2014
Grainfree Christmas using the Thermomix, October 2014

Central Coast Class, Grain Free Meals and Sweet Treats, 30 August 2014
Sydney Class, Grain Free Meals and Sweet Treats, July/August 2014
Sydney Class, Failsafe Christmas Baking, November 2013
Sydney Class, Grain Free Christmas Baking, November 2013
Sydney Class, Grain Free Cooking, September 2013

Newcastle Class, Failsafe to Healing, August 2013
Melbourne Class, Gluten and Grain Free Baking, July 2013
Failsafe to Healing, June 2013
Failsafe to Healing, May 2013
Thermomix for Failsafers, February 2013
Thermomix for Failsafers, December 2012
Thermomix for Failsafers, October 2012
Gluten free Breadmaking, June 2012
Desserts!, May 2012
Gluten free Breadmaking, February 2012


An amazing class making transition to grain free cooking, healing foods and ferments look easy and achievable for every family, even those with allergies and intolerances.

Thankyou! You have given me hope that a normal life can be achieved! I don't feel so overwhelmed now

Educational and informative, I have picked up lots of tips and tricks along the way. It was also great to connect with other people on a similar path to our family

A very practical, enjoyable and informative class in a friendly atmosphere - a real winner!

A great morning of recipes, tips and chat with people who are experiencing the challenges of food intolerance and allergy - Kersten is an inspiration!

A very valuable and worthwhile experience. Kersten, you are such a warm, friendly host with so much knowledge to share. Thankyou!

Great cooking class! Came home wanting to cook, cook, cook!

A wonderful opportunity to reboot ones enthusiasm in the kitchen, when you are drained of coming up with your own ideas with such limited ingredients.

After many years on Elim Diet both my kids and myself were sick of cooking and eating the same old things. Kersten's class has inspired me and hopefully we will have more variety and less time in the kitchen. Many thanks, you are a star!