Wednesday 27 June 2012

Recipe Book Purchasing

You can now purchase the Recipe book, either as an eBook or the printed copy from this site. All recipes are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, soy free, corn free and sugar free. They are all suitable to use during the RPAH Elimination and Failsafe diet.

Just click the Recipe Book TAB, scroll to the bottom and click BUY NOW next to the version you would like to purchase.



Monday 25 June 2012

Starting out - RPAH Elimination

Our family has a variety of allergies and food intolerances, each person a little different. Our eldest daughter is 16 and excludes gluten, dairy and coconut. Our younger children, 6 and 4, have many restrictions. Overall they are sensitive to proteins, including egg and grains, dairy, sugars, nuts and natural food chemicals.

Thank goodness so many things are made from rice! I started out eating lots of rice crackers and pasta. I lost a lot of weight which was great but eating was very boring and unsatisfying, so experiments began! The problem was that all the recipes, even when gluten and dairy free had other grains or eggs or sugar, none of which we could eat. When the little ones needed to start solids I made a lovely rusk and a plain vanilla biscuit. We ate so many of these that I had to bake almost every day!

Eventually I made a cake that was gluten, dairy, egg and sugar free! I couldn’t believe it! I kept working on it until I got a texture that was lovely and looked very similar to a normal cake. The bread took longer, but eventually I got a loaf that you can slice and eat as a sandwich. Yum!

Recipes continually evolve, but now the children have so much ‘normal’ looking food, that they eat just like other children. Parties are not a problem anymore, there is plenty of fun food.

This collection contains recipes for both children and adults. In particular, I wanted recipes for mums with babies who have intolerances. Babies who react to food in breast milk means mum’s diet gets restricted too. Here are some recipes to bring back some of the things you miss… If you can eat sugar, there is a separate section at the end just for you!

The hard work is done… all the recipes are easy to follow so anybody can make delicious food. Even when the children are running around creating havoc, you can now quickly jump in the kitchen and whip something up.

Have fun and love your food!

Friday 22 June 2012


Welcome to our new webpage!

It is just in baby stage at the moment... but in the coming weeks we will be adding loads of photos and step by step help for recipes as well as some video. Currently you can find them all on my Facebook page.

A Buy it Now Feature will be available soon as well so you can purchase from here as well as the Facebook page

Happy Baking!