I receive so many kind comments about my books and food. I love what I do and it is a real blessing to be able to use the gifts God gave me to help others feed their family members with food allergies and intolerances.

Thank you all xo

Here are some of the wonderful things that have been said:


I will always be grateful to Kersten for introducing me onto the path of eating to heal. My kids and I have been grain and sugar free for 9 months and the improvement to our health has been phenomenal. I have been using Kersten's Failsafe cookbooks for a couple of years so I was really excited to learn that she was releasing this grain free cookbook. I have always found Kersten's recipes very easy to follow and fool proof.  I love that she uses healthy ingredients and makes them taste great so that my kids love them too. My kids' school friends are envious of their sugar and grain free lunchboxes. I never thought it could be so easy to prepare all our foods from scratch. Kersten has made this possible for my family. Thank you Kersten!
Danielle Patterson

Kersten’s books and cooking class have been such a boost to my family and me. Our change in diet seemed to completely take over our lives – it was so overwhelming, and we never managed to get on top of it. Now, with Kersten’s help, I feel that we can do this. It’s not too hard any more. And not only that, it’s delicious. My kitchen benches are dotted with beautiful purple sauerkraut, creamy milk kefir and deliciously fizzy passionfruit kefir. It feels so good to get back to basic, home-made, healthy food. Even the treats in Kersten’s books are positively good for you (the chocolate mousse is to die for). Thanks, Kersten, for making healthy eating achievable.
Julie Wood

You have touched my daughter’s world with your beautiful cookbook Kersten. She finally has a recipe book which does not make her feel excluded from in so many sections and areas of ingredients. (this is quite an achievement as she is allergic to so many of the main ingredients and very food intolerant) I have named it her cookbook and slowly but surely we will try out the many creative recipes. Thank you for creating this change within our lives, it is very special!
SarahMOORE Allergy Living

A wonderful reference for people struggling with multiple allergy living. Has given me so many new ideas, the recipes are easy to follow, and most of all, taste great. I'm yet to be disappointed with the results. I particularly love the sugar free options, as FAILSAFE does tend to lend itself to sugary treats, this covers that problem. I highly recommend this cookbook for those struggling with allergy free cooking.
Tash Thompson

Kersten you book is amazing! It is so simple but so beautiful and just about every recipe in the book I use on a regular basis. I used to think gluten free cooking was scary BUT with your book I am no longer scared and I am very impressed with my new GF cooking skills. I also love that you don’t just sell your E-book but offer ongoing assistance and advice when needed and even step by step guide pictures on your FB page! LOVE your book THANK YOU :)
Naomi and Noah

When I found out my son was allergic to dairy, wheat, egg and nuts, I googled endlessly for recipes, friends and family gave me gluten free/allergy friendly cooking books, but I found the ingredients used in these books excessive, I would buy them and some I only used once, sometimes the recipes would not turn out the way they should. These books would also use at least one allergen (mostly egg or milk) that my son would not be able to tolerate. So I struggled... Until I met Kersten at our kids playgroup, what a blessing she is! Kersten's recipes are easy to follow, tested (she baked us many goodies!) the ingredients are easy to find in supermarkets and health food stores, they instantly became my Pantry Basics and I'd used them again and again to make her delicious recipes (no waste!). Thank you Kersten for giving us options!
Tracy James

Kersten, I can't explain how much your book has helped my family. Without your book I would never have had the confidence to make the necessary changes to my family's diet. The recipes are so easy, there is no excuse not to feed everyone yummy healthy (numbers free!) food. Kersten your cookbook has basically become the only cookbook we ever use now. Since I have a son who is FAILSAFE as well as egg, dairy, gluten, soy and nut free and a daughter who is FAILSAFE, egg, dairy, gluten, soy, legume, beef free (and the list is growing) cooking for my family could be boring and tasteless. But with your cookbook the recipes are easy and actually taste good! We can eat TASTY bread! (Has anyone ever eaten tasty gluten free bread??). Thanks Kersten, you are a "dead-set legend"!
Anna Gillespie


Originally motivated by a need to master a very strict failsafe diet in the Thermomix, I attended cooking classes at Kersten’s Kitchen.  Not being a cook myself and having given up on eating anything that looked or tasted delicious, I was absolutely delighted with the the simplicity of Kersten’s recipes. Not only do they look & taste great (and normal), they are soooo easy to follow and most importantly - adapt to your individual situation.

I am inspired by Kersten's healing journey with her family and her enthusiasm to find good healing food. I can’t thank Kersten enough for experimenting with these diverse ingredients and sharing her knowledge – for me it has been life changing.

An amazing class making transition to grain free cooking, healing foods and ferments look easy and achievable for every family, even those with allergies and intolerances

Thankyou! You have given me hope that a normal life can be achieved! I don't feel so overwhelmed now

Without the know how, it is impossible to create something out of nothing. You have achieved the impossible, with so few ingredients!
Sarah M

A great way to learn how the goodies should look (both before and after cooking!) and taste!!
Julia D

A class bursting with helpful, easy and delicious food! Can't wait to try the new recipes and add more variety to my daughter’s limited diet.
Julia B

On a cold Sydney winter’s day, I couldn’t think of anywhere I would rather be than Kersten’s Kitchen! Kersten welcomed me in, made me feel comfortable and then for the next four hours we talked, cooked and tasted! I was surprised by how good the bread, cookies and pretzels tasted despite them being dairy, gluten and sugar free!
Emma P

Kersten's warm welcome and practical down to earth advice, tips and hints have given me the confidence to tackle gluten free cooking with flair.
Louise D

There is no replacement for watching and learning, especially with something as temperamental as gluten free bread making... attending the bread making class is a short cut to great bread making at home.
Eloys H