Sunday 6 January 2013

Children's Journey

My Children's Journey so far from Failsafe to healing...

My little ones have been on a low chemical diet since birth... proteins caused bleeding bowels and food chemicals caused lots of pain which in a baby means loads of crying. I maintained a very limited diet as I was breast feeding and they reacted to what I was eating through the milk. Their safe foods were lamb and rice. We eventually were able to add in chicken, potato, celery, iceberg lettuce and choko.

Their diet stayed this way until late last year when I had been having success with healing, thought I would make a start with them. I waited until they had been on their Biomedical journey for a few months. Zinc levels were very low and initially their Doctor has been working on bringing that to within normal ranges.


Coconut Oil

I started adding 20g of coconut oil to their cookies, to replace some of the Nuttelex. They initially had one cookie each a day. Once that was tolerated I increased that to two cookies a day. I now add coconut flour and have increased the coconut oil to 40g. They eat as many as they like.

Once the cookies were going well, I started replacing some Nuttelex with coconut oil in their cupcakes. They initially had one coconut cupcake every few days. Now they eat a couple a day.

Meat - ghee and coconut oil

Previously I cooked in sunflower oil and always baked their meat balls and any chicken in the oven very lightly so there was no browning at all. Now I fry their meat balls and chicken sticks in Ghee on the stove. I also bake with coconut oil.


They are having very small amounts of chicken broth, only cooked for 2 hours. I add 4 tablespoons to their shepherd's pie twice a week.

Fermented Veg

Every few days they have half a ml of fermented veg juice. It is a strong probiotic so I am going very slowly with this.


Instead of increasing their food chemicals even more by using coconut kefir, I made some rice milk kefir. I then subsituted 50% of the rice milk in my icecream recipe, for rice kefir. They have 1-2 scoops of this daily. It has a nice tangy taste.


I have been slowly increasing their salicylates. Initially started with some cucumber and carrot in small amounts every few days. They now have some every day. They are also having small amounts of kale and sweet potato. Will be trialling avocado this week.


This is has been tricky. Small servings create a big reaction. With the aim of increasing tolerance, I am perserving with tiny servings once a week. For example, a sliver of banana or a half a strawberry.

The children have been so excited to try new foods and it has been a delight to watch their faces light up at all the new experiences.

With the aim to increase the healing foods and decrease the servings of grains, I am slowly building their chemical tolerance so that will soon be achievable. This progress has all been made in just a month of food changes.