Saturday, 28 July 2012

Making Rice Milk (using Thermomix)

white rice milk

Making Rice Milk

gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, corn free, soy free, sugar free
suitable for RPAH Elimination and Failsafe diet

Commercial rice milks have many ingredients and some of us sensitive folks do better making our own... also it is much cheaper to make yourself!

This recipe uses a Thermomix. You could probably do it using your stove top and a blender...

It is smooth and creamy... perfect for all your drinking and cooking needs.

You can add a crushed calcium tablet if required for children.



1L Water
80g White Rice Flour (approx half a cup)
2T Pure Harvest Rice Syrup
1T Rice Bran Oil
Pinch salt

1t Sunflower Lecithin


Weigh water into Thermomix Bowl
Weigh flour
Add other ingredients (excl lecithin)

Cook 60 degrees for 6 minutes on Speed 4
When done, puree 40 seconds on Speed 8
Strain through cheese cloth

strain your milk
Strain through cheesecloth

squeeze the excess
Squeeze out the excess...

Put liquid back in Thermomix and add lecithin
Puree 30 seconds on Speed 6

Use froth for coffee, then pour rest into a Tupperware bottle.
Once cool store in the fridge for 2-3 days

coffee cup
Perfect froth for your coffee...

Sunflower Lecithin is used as an emlusifier and helps create the creamy texture of this milk.
You can purchase it from Biomed Cafe online... (see suppliers tab)
If you are using the milk for cooking only, you can omit the Lecithin.

Milk will settle upon standing, shake before use.


  1. Thinking I am going to try with Lecithin. Kids have mentioned they prefer the supermarket one after trip to Canberra
    And my current recipe has sugar

  2. I've been making rice milk for a while, but I'm still left with a lot of sediment, even after straining it twice. Is that normal? And how do you manage straining when its so hot? Thanks

    1. I have hands used to extreme heat... Try using a silicone glove to hold the muslin so you can give it a good squeeze. If you are getting too much sediment, have you tried double lining the muslin? Will restrict the tiny grains from escaping.

  3. have you made yoghurt with the rice milk - would love to learn how to do it - mine is very thin. regards peter

    1. Hi Peter it is hard to make yoghurt with rice milk as it is so low in fat and proteins. You could try the method I use for coconut yoghurt, which sets it with gelatin...