Saturday 28 July 2012

Stuck for ideas...

variety - cookies

Stuck for ideas...

When variety in ingredients in not possible, look at variety in presentation.

One recipe might be able to be prepared in different ways, giving you new foods
(you know what I mean ;p)

For example,
the flatbread recipe becomes pretzels or you can spread it out thinly on baking paper, cook for a few minutes, score into triangles with a knife and you have crackers too.

cupcakes - can be sweet cupcakes, savoury muffins if you add grated or pureed veg; or donuts if you pop it into a donut machine

pancakes - can be sweet pancakes or in the same way as the muffins, can be savoury;

use a mini danish pancake machine for tiny ones (machine avail at Myer) or pour into a waffle machine for a new look!

bread dough - loaf of bread, bread rolls, foccacia, sweet or savoury scrolls

cookies - roll into a ball and press with a fork, pipe using a cookie press or cut into shapes with cutters. They can be sweet using white rice flour or go for a wholemeal cookie and use brown rice flour or buckwheat flour.

Be creative with what you can eat!!