Thursday 13 December 2012

Christmas Baking

Christmas Tree
If this is your first Christmas on a restricted diet, either with newly diagnosed allergies/intolerances, following RPAH Elimination or Failsafe diet.... you might be feeling a little disheartened and upset that you will be missing out this year.

True many of the foods you might have enjoyed last Christmas are now off the menu, but there are plenty of delicious goodies to make... you just need to be a little more creative.

Here are a few tips to make this Christmas a special feast for the whole family.

Firstly decoration: We decorate the tree, now we need to lay the table... maybe you could use a Christmas themed dinner set, or a beautiful tablecloth, some bon bons, an amazing centre piece... it is up to your imagination!

the Christmas dinner tableNow our table is laid... what to do about the food...

We can't have turkey, but we can have a lovely roast chook, a leg of lamb, some roast beef... For the littlies, they might like some sausage rolls or some chicken schnitzel fingers.

Plenty of salad options, or hot vegies if you prefer.

Last year, I did a warm swede salad, coleslaw and quinoa and lentil salad. We had lots of lettuce and green beans too. Potato salad is still easy to do with the ingredients we have.

Breads - easy to make garlic and parsley or plain foccacia, or some little dinner rolls.

Dessert... Gingerless cookies, cupcakes, pear crumble, pear danish, pear cake, self saucing puddings or carob cake... add some custard and icecream and everyone will enjoy it.

These foods can be prepared free from gluten, corn, dairy, egg, nuts, soy, as well as low in salicylates and amines to be suitable for the most sensitive.

Salads - quinoa and lentil, warm swede, coleslaw
pear cake
Pear Cake

Reindeer cupcakes and Cookies Christmas tree
Reindeer Cupcakes and Cookie Christmas Tree

gingerless Christmas cookies
Gingerless Christmas cookies


Most of these recipes are in my recipe books. Others I will be posting soon...
Remember to have a look at the Failsafe blogs for lots of ideas on what to serve this year at your Christmas feast!
God bless