Thursday 25 September 2014

Grain Free Chocolate Cake with Frosting

Beautiful Birthday Celebration Cake

Free from gluten, grains, nuts, refined sugar

strawberry chocolate celebration cake

For the chocolate cake:


5 eggs
130g honey or rice malt syrup
70g coconut oil
3T coconut flour
2T raw cacao
1/2t bicarb soda


Line a 20 cm cake tin with baking paper and grease well

Put all ingredients into your Thermomix bowl and combine 20 sec speed 5

Do not be alarmed that this is indeed a very runny batter... if it was normal gluten free flour it would never work, but coconut flour absorbs A LOT of liquid, so it will all be ok when baked...

Pour into cake tin

Bake for 30 mins 180 degrees celcius until puffed and when pressed gently in the centre, springs back

Remove from the tin carefully and cool on rack

Now you are ready to ice

To make the Frosting:


80g palm shortening (I use this organic brand from iHerb)
55g ghee
200g honey or rice malt syrup
2t vanilla extract
2T coconut flour
2T raw cacao

Add all ingredients to Thermomix bowl, mix 30 seconds speed 6
Scrape down and repeat until smooth

It will be soft and creamy like buttercream frosting and will be firm once in the fridge.

Icing the cake:

cutting cake in half

When the cake is completely cold, using a serrated knife, cut the cake in half... I do this by turning the cake slowly and cutting just slightly into it until all the cake has a small cut around it. Then move your knife through the cake and complete the cut through the centre. This helps get two even halves.

If you find this too difficult, you could make two cakes as per recipe above and ice them together. I do this when I need a bigger taller cake.

video - cutting cake in half

Spread half this mix onto the first layer of your cake

Place on top layer of cake, then spread remaining frosting mix over the entire cake

If desired, cover the top with sliced strawberries, or decorate as desired

strawberries on choc cake

Place in the fridge to set for at least 4 hours for the frosting to firm up

cut profile of cake

Great birthday cake for children too... Decorate however you like

bday cake

You can use the frosting to ice anything... on donuts, between cookies, whatever takes your fancy!

iced choc donuts