Friday 3 May 2013

Coconut Yoghurt

Smooth and Creamy Yoghurt, no dairy!

coconut yoghurt

The gelatin in this recipe does two things: it sets the yoghurt and it gives you a smooth and creamy mouth feel


coconut yoghurt ingredients
800ml coconut milk
(I use AYAM brand: 3 x 270ml tins
or 2 x 400ml tins)
2t  honey
1 1/2t gelatin*
1/32t yoghurt starter**
1/32t probiotic culture**


coconut yoghurt in machine
Add coconut milk, honey and gelatin to Thermomix bowl
Heat until gelatin dissolves, 5 minutes, 50 degrees, speed 3

Allow to cool until around 37 degrees (about 5 minutes)
Add yoghurt starter and probiotic, mix 30 seconds, speed 3

Pour into containers and leave in yoghurt machine for 24 hours

finished coconut yoghurt
When done, it will still be liquid and will have separated. Shake well, then refridgerate for 8 hours or until set.

When set it will look firm. All it needs is a quick stir with a spoon until smooth. Now you can use as is, or flavour with homemade jam or fruit puree. My favourite combination is with passionfruit curd.

*Gelatin - make sure you use a good quality gelatin

You can vary the amount of gelatin to vary the thickness of the yoghurt
pouring yoghurt - 1t
normal thickness - 1.5t
thick greek style - 2t

I find 1.5t enough. Coconut sets when cold, so you will find the yoghurt will firm up just from being cold.

**Yoghurt Starter

I use the dairy free culture from as well as their probiotic. You can use a probiotic like Polybac 8 too (or whatever you have in your fridge).

Note: To measure such small amounts, grab a set of tiny measuring spoons from Green Living Australia when purchasing your cultures

Perfect to use with Squeeze 'ums... fill up the small 80ml for school lunchboxes or 200ml for a snack for mum