Monday 6 May 2013

Webinar - Living with Food Intolerances

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Living with Food Intolerances and Being Proactive

Food intolerances are a serious problem in today’s society and many families are struggling.

Life pressures, multiple demands, stretching ourselves beyond our limits, financial constraints, sense of isolation, lack of information and emotional support all mixed together require us to be proactive in the way in which we manage food intolerances in within our families.

Yet being proactive is the key ingredient to having a healthy and happy family.

Join a conversation between myself and Sarah Moore from Pearshaped Allergy Living we share stories, thoughts and specific practical steps that will refuel your thinking and create new ideas on how you can be more proactive in your approach to living with food intolerances.

Join this live interactive webinar to discover:

•         Fresh ideas
•         Connections with like minded mums
•         Practical Strategies

Date:     Wednesday 15 May 2013
Time:     1130 - 1230pm
Cost:      Free

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