Saturday, 29 June 2013

New book - Failsafe to Healing Workbook

failsafe to healing workbook cover

I am very excited to announce my latest adventure Failsafe to Healing

Some of you have enjoyed classes this year which showed you how to slowly introduce some healing foods into your diet, moving to more wholefoods and some of you to the GAPS diet. 

I have been wanting to share this process with those of you who are unable to come to classes and so this workbook Failsafe to Healing has been created.

The workbook is designed to help you move from low chemical / failsafe foods to healing foods. It will help you look at your current meals and work out where you can start to incorporate healing foods.

My family were very sensitive and so I made the transition from low chemical to wholefoods and healing, very slowly. You can read about the process we used on
our story to healing.

The first half of the workbook will look at your current meals, the rest of the booklet has some transition recipes that my family used. The recipes are written with instructions for using the Thermomix.

Remember baby steps... dip your toe into the healing pond and enjoy the benefits!

The workbook is available as an eBook which you can read on PC, iPad or tablet just like my other eBooks. Click here to Buy your copy now



  1. Kersten do you have the same book for someone who does not have a Thermomix?

    1. sorry for the delay in replying... I don't have a non Thermomix version, but you can prepare everything in a blender/food processor. Just purchase flours instead of the grains...

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