Wednesday 5 June 2013

Children's Parties

It's Birthday Time!

Children's parties are an allergy and food intolerances' mum's nightmare... helicopter parenting as a necessity to keep our child safe amongst all the food. My children are used to bringing their lunch box to parties and it is now totally accepted and the other kids know that is how it is. They are fine with it.

But every so often, I will see their face light up when they see something on the table... like the gorgeous birthday cake... and then watch them sigh... they know that is not for them. They will never get a taste.

So I make a huge effort every year for each of them, to make sure they have loads of great party food that they can share with their friends... they can eat everything on the table and their friends can too. It is worth it to see the look of delight on their faces.

Here is a summary of the different things I like to prepare:


My favourite part is choosing a theme with the kids... and then working out what accessories will bring that to life for them.

Lots of helium balloons are always a hit
Colourful napkins, glasses and plates
Party blowers
Hats and streamers
Mini bubble mixes

Check out your local discount store and party shop... they usually have some great bargains the kids will love

birthday party hot food



Hot Food

Sausage Rolls
Party Pies
Mini Burgers
Sticky Chicken
Chicken Schnitzel fingers


Cold Food

Vegie Sticks
Fruit Kebabs
Fruit Platter

Recipes can be found in both my cookbooks. Kersten's Kitchen is written for traditional cooking methods, and Thirty Second Baking, for the Thermomix. Please see the BOOK tab for a full index of recipes.

birthday sweet treats

Treats and Lollies

Shaped cookies with sprinkles
Cake Pops
Musk Sticks
Fairy Floss
Plain Potato Chips

Allergy Train has all you need for lollies...

Birthday Cakes

birthday rainbow cupcakes

Now you don't have to be a Masterchef to make a great birthday cake... Last year we had a rainbow party and simply used colourful cupcake stands. The cakes were iced plain. All the decoration came from the display. This year we are doing Skylander cupcakes and a big main cake. I will be using Hopper Natural Food Colourings to help me out. My children are egg free, so I usually make the main cake with egg for the guests and lots of little cupcakes for the kids that are egg free so mine can eat them too.

Allergy Train sell Hopper Natural Food Colourings and Sprinkles

Check out this wonderful collection of cakes from other mums who follow the RPAH Elimination / Failsafe Diet

Have fun planning your party! And watch and enjoy your child's delight