Saturday, 10 August 2013


Gluten Free Pizza bases

gluten free pizza

You can use any of my bread recipes but I prefer to use the Guar Gum recipe.

The recipe in all the books:

Rice based using Stand Mixer is in the first book, Kersten's Kitchen
Rice based using Thermomix is in Thirty Second Baking
Grain free using Buckwheat and Millet (can use Quinoa if you prefer) is in Failsafe to Healing Workbook

If you need some help when preparing the dough, please refer to

Step One

Once you have prepared the dough, using very wet hands, place into a greased baking dish. You can use a large rectangular lamington tray or if you want circles, use a cake tin

pizza dough

With your wet fingers, press out the dough until thin - you will be able to make more than one pizza with one quantity of dough. It will double in size after rising, so you want it to be half the thickness of what you want your pizza to be. I like a thin crust, so I make it very thin at this stage

pizza dough - spread out thin

Step Two

Put in your warm place to rise (that you prepared earlier when making the dough - see for assistance)
Leave till doubled, about 10 minutes

pizza dough - leave to rise

Step Three

If you are not using your base right now,
Partially cook - 15 minutes should be sufficient. It will still be soft on top, but set so you can remove it carefully from the tin.

pizza base - cut to size

Leave to cool on a baking rack until cold.
Cut to portion size and freeze in snap lock bags to use later

pizza base - freeze in portions in snap lock bags

If you are using your base now,
Remove from warm place, cover with your desired toppings

pizza toppings

Step Four

Bake - 180 degrees Celsius for approx. 20 - 30 minutes until golden and filling is cooked



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