Monday 12 August 2013

Update: Children's Healing Journey: Six months on...

UPDATE: My Children's Journey from Failsafe to healing...

my children

So it has been just over 6 months since making some big changes in diet for my little ones. You can read about the first changes here

Thought you may like to hear how they have been going... We introduced some healing foods and then added in vegetables and fruits as their tolerance grew. Remember they were on just a handful of foods before...

Coconut Oil

I continued using coconut oil in their cookies and cupcakes. We now add coconut flour too, there is very little rice flour. The quantity has increased from the initial tablespoon and they can eat unlimited quantities with no reaction.

Meat - ghee and coconut oil

Previously I cooked in sunflower oil and always baked their meat balls and any chicken in the oven very lightly so there was no browning at all. Now I fry their meat balls and chicken sticks in Ghee on the stove. I also bake with coconut oil. They now tolerate slow cooked lamb and chicken with no reaction.


Their tolerance for broth has also increased... instead of the 2 hour cooked broth, they are able to have long cooked chicken broth that has loads of healing gelatin.


We have been able to add Grass Fed Beef Gelatin from Great Lakes... we use it in sugar free marshmallows. This has been an exciting new food for them as it looks and tastes like a treat but is full of healing gelatin!

Fermented Veg

Every few days they have half a ml of fermented veg juice. It is a strong probiotic so I am still going slowly with this.


Instead of increasing their food chemicals even more by using coconut kefir, I made some rice milk kefir. This now makes up their icecream (replacing the rice milk) as well as having 1 Tablespoon in their glass of rice milk each day. I started with 1/8 teaspoon and built up every few days. This is a strong probiotic so introduce slowly.


The healing foods have been amazing and the children's tolerance has improved so much. They now eat unlimited moderate salicylates... carrot, cucumber, sweet potato every day. I chose to introduce broccoli and avocado very early due to their nutrient profile and they can now eat both every day.


This has been tricky... early on even tiny amounts of any fruit sent them crazy! With slow and steady perseverance I have added in small serves of banana (a slice once a week initially), they now have half a lady finger banana three times a week. My son is not keen on fruit, but my daughter is loving it and now eats strawberries, blueberries and kiwi fruit several times a week. 


Last month we challenged eggs. Previously they would get a lot of stomach pain and bleeding bowels when eaten. I bought chickens last year to see if I could tolerate their eggs as I was also sick when eating store bought eggs. That was a success for me, so I thought it was time, given how well they were doing, to try some egg. So far so good!! They are having egg cooked in cake every day now. We just tried scrambled egg on the weekend and that was fine too! yay!


While trying to get my son to eat egg, I ended up challenging nuts. He was not liking his normal cake with an egg added... he was very upset with me and told me I had ruined his cake! No amount of telling him "that was what a good cake should be" was helping. At the time I was eating macadamia cake - lovely recipe which will be in my Grain Free Book avail soon - he really wanted some of MY cake. So I weakened and let them both have a small piece. I was very worried and watched them closely for hours, even when they fell asleep, checking for swelling, rashes etc. But to my delight (and theirs) NO reaction! So they now get to eat macadamia cake :)

The children have been so excited to try new foods and it has been a delight to watch their faces light up at all the new experiences.

I have been aiming to increase their chemical tolerance, so that I could decrease the grain component of their diet. I decided not to totally remove grains but limit them...

Here is a sample of a their meals before and now:





rice puffs
rice milk smoothie

Morning tea

rice cupcake
rice cruskit and choko jam
rice cookie


lamb meat balls
celery sticks
potato hash


chicken schnitzel
hot chips
choko sticks




lamb meatballs cooked in ghee
rice toast with avocado
rice milk kefir smoothie

Morning tea

macadamia cake
banana or berries


chicken skewers cooked in ghee
potato fritters


slow cooked lamb
roast sweet potato
And they can have rice kefir icecream if they want for dessert.
I cannot believe this has been achieved in just 6 months of slowly adding in healing foods. Credit is not only in food as medicine, but also from Homeopathy. We started Aperture Homeopathy with Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy in April. It has made such a huge impact on our lives. 
Jump into healing people!!! It is worth the ride... If you need some ideas to get you started as well as some recipes, check out my Failsafe to Healing Workbook