Tuesday 22 October 2013

Bulk Ordering

Sort of a CO-OP

I am able to purchase many items at bulk prices and would like to share these savings with you... so I am sort of starting a CO-OP... I will be doing quarterly orders of products and you will be able to order goods of your choice, which you will then need to pick up from me in Peakhurst, Sydney. Apologies I am not able to offer postage at this stage.
There are all sorts of grains, flours, baking aids etc... suitable for grain free folk and those on RPAH Elimination / Failsafe Diet.
Please check out the list and see if you would like to join me, then email for an order form.

Product List

Celtic Salt Fine 5kg
Himalayan Salt Super Fine 5kg
Nut Milk Bag
Organic 100% Vanilla Powder 100g
Organic Amaranth 5kg
Organic Amaranth flour 5kg
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 5L
Organic Black Chia Seeds 1kg
Organic Brown Linseed 5kg
Organic Brown Rice Flour 5kg
Organic Buckwheat flour 5kg
Organic Buckwheat hulled 1kg
Organic Cacao Powder Raw 350g
Organic Coconut Butter 340g
Organic Desiccated Fine 5kg
Organic Coconut Flakes 2.5kg
Organic Coconut Flour 5kg
Organic Coconut Oil Deodorised 5L
Organic Coconut Sugar 1kg
Organic Coconut Syrup 1L
Organic Golden Linseed 5kg
Organic Hulled Sesame Seeds 5kg
Organic Millet flour 5kg
Organic Millet hulled 5kg
Organic Pepitas 5kg
Organic Psyllium Husks 200g
Organic Quinoa 1kg
Organic Rolled/Flaked Quinoa 2.5kg
Organic Sorghum flour 5kg
Organic Sunflower Seed kernels 5kg
Organic Tricolour Quinoa 5kg
Organic Vanilla beans 100g
Organic Virgin Coconut oil raw 5L

These products will only be ordered every six months:

Guar Gum 1kg
Organic Raw Honey 1kg
White Rice Flour 5kg

NOTE: Quantities are bulk and will come packed as it is supplied to me

Some procedure policies:

Orders will only be processed when received on an Order Form
Orders must be received by the deadline for that period, no late orders can be accepted
Orders must be paid for when ordering by direct deposit
If monies are not received your order will not be processed
There will be a $5 handling fee per order to help cover the freight
Once your order has been processed it cannot be cancelled and refunds are not available
If any items ordered are unavailable or out of stock, monies will be refunded

Please note this is not a profitable exercise for my business, this is just an opportunity to help you source bulk ingredients.

We will see how this process runs this quarter and make any modifications to improve the process next time. In the future we may be able to add more products to this as they become available. If there is something you are unable to source yourself and would like me to look into adding to the list, please let me know.


This order will be done on Wednesday 6 November 2013
Please get your orders emailed and payments done by Friday 1 November 2013