Sunday 20 October 2013

Dairy Free Ice Cream

Amazing easy to scoop straight from the freezer

ice cream

This ice cream is delicious and will scoop straight from the freezer... it can be flavoured too.

The recipe can be found in my cookbooks (check the Index to see which book suits your family best). It is very simple, based on rice milk. It is refined sugar free, using rice malt syrup. You can also use maple syrup. If you don't tolerate rice, try it with quinoa milk, nut milk etc.

I usually mix mine in the Thermomix and then churn in an ice cream machine. My ice cream machine broke (just in time for summer!) and so I had to go back to the old way... mix, then leave in the freezer in a metal bowl for a few hours to set... then whip with a spoon and put in Tupperware.

The problem being that although this is very easy simple way to do it, and the ice cream still tastes amazing... it is not as light and fluffy as a churned ice cream. I thought I would see if the Thermomix could whip it up so it was lighter like it was when made in the ice cream machine. Happy to say, indeed it can, and in only 15 seconds! NICE!!

So for those of you using a Thermomix and not wanting to get another gadget...

Follow the method as per the recipe book...
Freeze in a metal bowl for a few hours (takes 4 hours in mine to set)
Pop the frozen mass into your Thermomix bowl
Whip 15 seconds, speed 6

It will be light and fluffy, just perfect!
Place in it's usual Tupperware container in the freezer to complete setting (another 2 hours)

If you want to eat it straight away, it will be soft serve consistency.

Want to make ice blocks?

Once whipped, scoop the ice cream into moulds, insert the sticks and freeze until set overnight... remove and wrap in small plastic bags and store in the freezer.


This is delicious with a tablespoon of instant coffee added when initially mixing (decaf for failsafers)

Fruit Ripple
When you have whipped in Thermomix, place in it's container, then stir gently through 1 tablespoon of fruit jam, use a palette knife to stir so that you see swirls of colour (pear or choko jam for failsafers)

Caramel Crunch
Once whipped, place in it's container and stir through some chopped up honeycomb (available from Allergy Train) and Caramel Sauce

Add 1 tablespoon of cocoa, raw cacao or carob to the mix initially

Want to take ice cream to the next level and make it part of your healing foods... Make some rice milk kefir (which is a fermented drink full of probiotics), simply replace the rice milk in the recipe for the rice milk kefir... Gives the icecream a lovely tang! For the recipe see the Failsafe to Healing Workbook