Friday 8 February 2013

Buckwheat Crepes

Grain free Crepes/Wraps

You can use these sweet as crepes or as wraps for savoury...




1/2 C buckwheat kernals
1/2 C hulled millet
1 C water
2 T goat whey
1/2C tapioca starch
2 large eggs or 4 small


buckwheat and millet flour

Prepare your flour

Using your Thermomix, grind the buckwheat and millet 130 sec, speed 9
(if you don't have a TMX, buy flours instead)
Put flours into a big glass bowl
Add water and whey and stir to combine
Cover with gladwrap and leave to ferment for 6 hours (or overnight)


Prepare batter

Add tapioca and eggs and whisk until you have a smooth batter

cook crepesCook

Warm a small amount of ghee in a pan and pour on a 1/4C of batter, swirl the pan around until the batter coats the whole pan

Carefully flip when the edges start to come away from the pan
Cook a minute or so on the other side

Watch with care as these cook very quickly

Serve with yoghurt and honey or maple syrup for a sweet treat
Use as a wrap to make your lunch

crepes - sweet or savoury

TIP: Can be frozen, between layers of baking paper and defrosted on the bench or microwave before use.

Are you still Failsafe and want to make these? Just omit the whey and the fermenting and mix batter and use right away. The fermenting process will create amines...