Saturday 23 February 2013

Gluten Free Salt Dough

Fun to make crafty items and paint... or use for Christmas Tree decorations

salt dough steps

My son's class were making salt dough snakes this week... but with wheat flour, so I created some gluten free dough that would be safe for him to use.


1/2C fine white rice flour
1/2C tapioca
1/2C rock salt
1t guar gum
1/2C water


Pulverise rock salt in Thermomix 10-15sec speed 9
Add flours and gum combine 10sec speed 4
Add water slowly through the lid speed 4

Stop adding water when dough comes together... add slowly and wait a few seconds to see if that is enough to bind. Guar gum takes a moment to bring it together...

You are after a playdough consistency

Remove from Thermomix bowl and roll on baking paper (with a bit of rice flour if a bit sticky)

Roll into shapes, animals or cut with cookie cutters

Bake 150 degrees celcius until hard... time will vary depending on how thick your creations are... anywhere from one hour to three hours. These took one and a half hours.

Allow to cool and then paint!