Friday 8 February 2013

Meal Time

What to eat?

meal time

Breakfast Lunch Dinner...

I think one of the big challenges when going grain free is working out what to eat for each meal.

Breakfast is tricky when you are accustomed to eating cereal or toast... lunch is a sandwich... dinner not so tricky as most would think meat and veg pretty normal. How do you do grain free toast and cereal for breakfast... so you go searching for nut bread recipes... when in fact the easy solution is to think of each meal as suitable for any time of the day.

Soup can be for breakfast, lunch or dinner... oh no you say... I am not having soup all the time. Unless you decide to do hard core GAPS and do Intro, I am not saying that at all. I am saying OPEN YOUR MIND lol to other possibilities. Meat balls for breakfast... my kids do it every day. At the start they were horrified (as you might be) but now if I give them some toast they ask for meat :)

You need to make yourself and your children (if they are joining your diet changes) just try it over and over... until it becomes habit.

And give yourself some variety... here are some ideas I love

  • thai salmon fish cakes with spinach and avocado and a dollop of goat yoghurt
  • omelette with salmon, kale, tomato and a dressing of yoghurt with garlic and dill
  • scrambled eggs with avocado and kraut (pour over some broth for a soup)
  • lasagne - zucchini becomes your lasagne sheets, cauliflower an amazing white sauce
  • seared scallop creamy soup
  • pumpkin soup with chicken, crispy kale and toasted walnuts
  • creamy cauliflower soup with chicken
  • zucchini noodles with broth and slow cooked lamb
  • crunchy herb topped roast chicken or turkey breast
  • slow cooked lamb with honeyed carrots and roast butternut squash


Be creative... think of all the things you can eat and how you might combine them. Some may work, others not so much... Soup is open for creation! Chuck in some broth, veg and meat... top with some kraut and a dollop of yoghurt... simple

My fav fast meal is roast chicken thigh (cooked in coconut oil), topped with kraut and yoghurt.

There are plenty of sweet goodies too... as you might have noticed from my failsafe recipes, I am rather fond of baking

So in these early phases of changing from failsafe to healing... think outside the square and be open to all the possibilites.