Friday 8 February 2013

Buckwheat Pancakes

Pancakes with Fruit


1/3C buckwheat kernals
1/3C hulled millet
1/4C tapioca starch
1T coconut flour
1/4t bicarb soda
1C kefir (coconut or goat/cow)
1 egg

sliced banana
sliced strawberries


Prepare flour

Grind buckwheat and millet in Thermomix, 1 min speed 9
(If you don't have a TMX, buy flours)
If you want to ferment these grains, add kefir now and leave for 6 hours (or overnight)

Prepare batter

Add other ingredients and whisk to combine
Stand 30 mins to thicken


Add a little ghee to the pan on medium heat
Pour in a small amount of batter (these work best if they are small - medium in size)
Drop in a few pieces of fruit (if desired)
Once bubbling, carefully flip
Cook a few minutes on the other side

Serve with yoghurt or maple syrup/honey

If you want to keep these Failsafe,
omit the coconut flour and do not ferment, use water instead of the kefir. Add the water slowly and stop when you have a thick batter (it should still pour but not be runny)