Friday 8 February 2013

Chocolate Cupcakes (grain free)

Chocolate Coconut Cakes

These taste like chocolate cakes to me, but if you don't eat a lot of coconut, they will taste like a lamington

chocolate cupcakes



5 eggs
130g honey
1/2C coconut oil
3T coconut flour
1/4C raw cacao
1/2t bicarb soda
pinch salt


Put all ingredients into your Thermomix bowl and combine 20sec speed 5

Do not be alarmed that this is indeed a very runny batter... if it was normal gluten free flour it would never work, but coconut flour absorbs A LOT of liquid, so it will all be ok when baked...

Pour into patty cases (half fill)

Bake for 15 mins 180 degrees celcius until puffed and when pressed gently in the centre, they spring back

Remove from the muffin tray and cool on racks

Once cool you can ice with chocolate avocado mousse and top with coconut or just serve warm with icecream and chocolate sauce